Eco-Friendly Services and allergen control

Allergen and Germ Control Services

Allergen and Germ Control Services

Allergen and Germ Control Services


At Pittsburgh Green Environmental Solutions we live in a world in which the source of a medical problem is more relevant than the medicine that helps control the symptoms. For example: We can perform a in home allergy and germ abatement service to significantly reduce dust mites, mold, fungi and other allergens and respiratory irritants as opposed to taking  medications to treat your headaches, sinus infections and respiratory conditions. Our unique products and processes are somewhat similar to those that remediation companies use for homes that have had flooding and/ or water damage to rid your home of unwanted germs, molds, bacteria and allergens.

Benefits of our Allergen and Germ Treatment Services:

  • We deal with the source-Why treat the symptoms by taking medications and receiving allergy shots? Allergen and germ reduction could help alleviate symptoms.
  • Our Process-We use eco-friendly chemical and/or mechanical means to break down and reduce the allergens in your home.
  • Convenience-We come to your home or work space to deal with the source which will can reduce the amount of trips to the Doctor's office.
  • Certified-We have extensive training and certifications with the NOA (National Ozone Association) and ERS (Environmental Remediation Services)
  • Improves your quality of life-Runny noses, itching , sneezing, sinus headaches and repiratory infections can be reduced significantly.
  • Long Lasting effectiveness-We use a anti-microbial that will inhibit the growth of bacteria and germs for up to 3 months.
  • May help improve immune system response- Reducing the amount of allergens and germs should directly effect the number of  histamine reactions (which is a immune system response typically to toxins but in some individuals this response can be to harmless substances that the body mistakes for a toxin).
  • May help reduce the transmission of flu and other viruses throughout your home.

Services are only provided in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and its surrounding communites.

In Home Drapery Cleaning Service

Allergen and Germ Control Services

Allergen and Germ Control Services


We at Pittsburgh Green Environmental Solutions love our window treatments. As a matter of fact, our founders other company (Elegant Touch Interiors) specializes in the design of custom window treatments. Our professional drapery cleaning is gentle on all fabrics. Drapery and other fabric window treatments tend to capture a lot of dust. It is not immediately noticeable but white sheers start turning gray and brilliant floral patterns lose their luster and charm. This dust continually wreaks havoc on those that suffer from allergies and other respiratory ailments and that dust breaks down the fibers in the fabric. Our gentle process helps restore those white sheers and rejuvenate those tired floral patterned drapery.

Benefit of our in home drapery cleaning service:

Our Solvent-We use a safe, eco-friendly and solvent (No harmful Petroleum Based Products).

Safe on all Fabrics-Our solvent is gentle on fabrics so there is no damage to your treatments.

Certified- We have extensive training at the DLI Institute (Dry Cleaning and Laundry Institue) which is the the worlds most sought after education in the dry cleaning industry.

Experienced- We have over 10 years of experience in this unique applicaton of our dry cleaning process.

Guarantee- Piece of mind that there will be no color loss, no shrinkage or loss of sizing.

Increases the life expectancy of your window treatments (soils break down fabric fibers)

Convenience- Our service in done on site, right were they hang. (so there is no down time).

Allergen control our process is great for those that need allergy asthma relief.

Safe for Humans-It is safe for plants and animals too.

Services are only provided in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and surrounding communites.


Interesting Eco-Friendly Facts

Interesting Eco-Friendly Facts


"We were pleased with the recent cleaning of our living and dining room draperies. We had our draperies for almost 20 years and were thinking of replacing them. A friend recommended your services. We were amazed by how well the draperies cleaned and how the original colors came back. The treatment process never smelled or seemed toxic, in fact, our friend who recommended your services does have allergies, and mentioned she was in no way affected by your drapery cleaning solvent. My husband and I highly recommend your services."

Dr. and Mrs. David Wright
Pittsburgh, PA

  "Scott spent a day cleaning the window treatments in our home. He also cleaned the dust ruffles on our beds with his state-of-art procedure. The work was done efficiently, with no bother to me or my husband, and was completely odorless and non-allergenic.

Mary Anne Hanna
Howard Hanna Realty

Interesting Eco-Friendly Facts

Interesting Eco-Friendly Facts

Interesting Eco-Friendly Facts


Ozone Facts

Ozone is a naturally generated in the atmosphere during storms. Ozone is that fresh clean scent that occurs after a thunderstorm

In 2001 the FDA designated liquid ozone as generally recognized as safe (GRAS) for food contact. The FDA also approved 

the use of ozone as an anti-microbial agent in the gas or liquid phase for the direct cotact with food and non-food surfaces.

In 1893 the first water treatment plant utilizing ozone was built in Oudshoorn, Netherlands.

Ozone is at least 50 % stronger and 3,000 times faster than chlorine at disinfection.

Negative Ion Facts

Negative ions (anions) which are produced by the sun, are found in nature. you will find them in abundance in tranquil places such as by the ocean, waterfalls and in the forest. 

The normal negative ion count for fresh air is 2,000 to 4,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter (about the size of an ice cube).

 At Yosemite Falls you will experience over 100,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter. On the other hand the level is far below 100 per cubic centimeters on Los Angeles freeways during rush hour.  

  • Studies by Dr. MichaelTerman (Psychiatrist) from the Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York showed marked improvements on patients suffering from seasonal depressive disorder when they were expose to high concentrations of negative ions.
  • Experiments by Dr. Albert P Krueger and Dr. Richard F Smith at the University of California have shown how negative ionization positively affects those sensitive to air bourne allergens and smoke ,by increasing the whip like motion of cilia (hair like sttructures that are found in the lungs and respiratory tract that help purify the air).

Facts about Hydroxyl Radicals

Hydroxyl Radicals (OH) are very powerful short lived natural oxidizers that seek out and destroy bacteria, fungi, mold spores and help to breakdown VOC's.

NASA Developed Photo Catalytic Oxidation. For extended stays in space to  remove Ethylene (a toxic gas), bacteria, viruses and fungi from the air.

 PCO cells (which produce hydroxyl radicals) have been proven to destroy potentially dangerous pathogens by more than 98 percent in less than 30 hours.